Fashion is undeniably a recycling process with most fashion trends resurfacing and making huge statements. Shorts have never really gone out of style. Although, it is frowned upon in some certain places because of how it displays the feminine qualities of any woman, it is still a fashion style that stands out.

Bum shorts and shorts are the way to go if you are heading to that super casual event. They are perfect outfit for a beach outing, athletics and other casual environments.

Athletic shorts can always be shorter because they serve a function. They allow you to move freely and do not restrict movement.


Shorts can also come in African prints.xcv

African print is known as a highly versatile fabric suitable both for the whole look (top and bottom) and for elements or accessories for your clothes. It is also an amazing material for Shorts.

There are plenty of styles to choose from: Ankara high waist shorts, tight, loose-fitting, with sexy pleats, slouchy, etc.

Tight-fitting Ankara shorts should be worn with tops and blazers while loose Ankara shorts look best with a top to match.

They can also be a little flared or laced. Sometimes even mismatching parts of the outfit will look incredibly stylish – there’s no limit to your creativeness!

Ankara makes your sexy shorts look especially passionate and free-spirited. Wear your ultra-fashionable African print shorts to rock playfulness and luxury at the same time.


One of the easiest ones to pull off is the polo shirt. There are a lot of different brands and here at RB designs, we are here to serve you varieties. It is a very easy match. You do not have to, but if you do tuck it in, it will give you a smarter look.

You can also wear colored shirts that button up and if You are wondering, how you would wear a long sleeve shirt with shorts, Well, just roll it up which gives a much more refined look even when not tucked.


Shorts that are too loud and short. They are really drawing attention right to your crotch area and that is really not where a gentleman wants all of the eyes in the audience to be focused on.

Shorts that look like swim shorts. I would not recommend it even if you were in the military.

Choose  shorts styles from RB designs that are ideal for your body type and overall image – and create your own unique look!

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