Is it a scarf? No. Is it a robe? No. Is it a cape? Well, no, but it could be. As the title betrays we are talking about one of summer’s most coveted trends – the KIMONO – yet I can’t shake the cape comparison, and with it the superpower this beautiful kimono might hold.

Regardless of its cut (and they come in millions of them) it always ads just the right amount of razzmatazz to a look, to the point that even if you’re at home, in your worst shorts or Pyjamas, and throw one on, you’ll end up looking sweet while having coffee.

Wear it as a silky jacket or as a rock and roll sophisticated cover up. Let’s change your look for the Christmas season.


Over the years, Ankara outfits have been made to become an everyday thing.  Gone are the days the Ankara African fabric was only used for sewing traditional African styles that were not practical for everyday use. As such, many ladies are now seen rocking Ankara kimono jackets.

Kimono jackets or dresses are great pieces of fashion items every fashionista should have in their wardrobe.


They are very comfortable to wear and you can use them to add another layer of style to your outfit. When the weather is a little bit cold, you can throw them over your outfit to provide some warmth.

Kimono dresses are also very versatile when it comes to the kind outfit you can wear them over. You can wear them over a gown (long and short), shorts, trousers, skirts and blouses, tank tops and much more.

You can also use them to make a fashion statement with the way you combine it with the rest of your outfit, with the color you make it with or with the way it’s designed.

Here are some looks for inspiration

This popular summer fashion trend can be worn sheer, patterned, long or short and in any color you can imagine.

With kimonos, the options are unlimited, but do not let that overwhelm you.

Even if your patterned kimono looks luxurious at home, it may not translate well in the outer world.

For example, an extremely over sized kimono is probably not the best to wear out to lunch.

It is very important not to over think your outfit when styling kimonos. The fewer the layers, the better with this garment.

So ditch your bomber and military jackets and rely on these pretties to elevate any look instead. Visit our site today and shop for your lovely kimonos. Contact us.


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