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                   JOGGER PANTS


Joggers are known as the skinny version of sweatpants. Joggers these days have transitioned from strictly sportswear only, to something that can be worn out and about.

People are seen ditching the jeans in favor of more comfortable jogging bottoms and the good news is that both men and women can wear them.

No belts, buttons or zips, the jogger are the latest example of the general loosening-up we have been wanting.


Here are ways you can pull together a fashion-forward outfit with joggers.

Deciding what to pair your jogging bottoms with depends on what kind of environment you’ll be in. For a casual look, wear a fitted t-shirt and clean trainers. T-shirts are very versatile in fashion, which is why they’re the perfect choice to wear with the sportswear style of jogging bottoms.

Go for a monotone look with dark joggers and a white t-shirt, or enhance the look with a patterned jumper to add layers to your outfit, if you’re wearing light colored joggers, wear a dark t-shirt to avoid your look being too boring.

A classic striped shirt and black jogger pants are a great way to start a lazy Saturday. Add a leather biker jacket and some rugged black booties for a uniquely comfortable weekend look

In a casual situation, opt for a short sleeves shirt choosing a patterned shirt will draw the attention to your upper half; distracting from the fact you’re wearing joggers.

If you want to look even smarter, pair a long sleeved shirt with dark joggers and boat shoes. Then with the addition of a bomber jacket or blazer, you can elevate your look from weekend casual to smart attire suitable for almost anything.

The key is Just remember to balance your outfit by wearing something more fitted and tailored on top and you’ll slip into this trend Comfortably.


Although joggers can be dressed up with a shirt to look smarter, it’s still best to wear them in more casual situations. They will never replace trousers or chinos for the smartest environments, so for a fancy dinner, leave them at home. If you’re attending any sporting event, joggers are definitely acceptable – this is what they were originally designed for after all.

They are a comfortable option for hanging out in the house and are more impressive than pajamas bottoms for if someone unexpectedly turns up at your front door. They are also very suitable for taking a walk along the beach or meeting up with friends for lunch.

it is quite convincing that a pair of joggers can contribute to a relatively elegant outfit for the cold weather. Grab yourself your trusted winter coat and solid pair of boots and you have the perfect opportunity to throw in a subtle pair of cozy joggers to complete it.

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