His and Hers Fashion Trend


We tend to want to fit in with the person we are dating. Yes we are all unique but we want to, as a couple, look united. In a way, it’s like relationship conformity. Kind of like how we tend to dress in a similar manner to our colleagues at work to look cute and coordinated.

Wearing matching outfits with your partner is a way of expressing love in a fashionable way. It is an attempt to the glorification of young love, the longing for relationship stability, and a fixation on appearances.

Nowadays, wearing matching clothes for couples is very popular. Young couples are increasingly seeking to express their feelings towards each other by choosing the same clothes for themselves and their partner. People, specially couples like to wear similar clothes to show their mutual understanding, love and high regard for each other. His and hers is the most common trend in love birds. It is the perfect outfit for a couple.

Twinning with boo is cute because his and hers fashion trends perfectly match each other, sometimes perfectly coordinated and sometimes just a perfect blend of different prints and textures. This also aids women to help their better half in the wardrobe department.

It is an inspired design that is simple yet the message of ‘commitment’ to your better-half is absolutely clear! This shows a romantic concept of love and expression and also a great wedding gift for your friends & relatives who’s about to get married.

There are fabulous styles for this trends, it could be in African prints, polo, t shirts and shirts and other varieties to help you express your feelings to your favorite places.

When Couples who are so fond of each other  wear trendy His and hers wears to a party, family celebration, for pre-wedding shoots, engagements, dates or special events together, they let others see their sincere feelings and make you and your partner look  sweet and amazing. In the same clothes, you will tell everyone your story and will show how much you appreciate your partner.  Furthermore, you can also take memorable photos when you rock your outfits.

Dressing in the same way, you not only attract positive emotions but also give off positive vibes. Looking at such happy couple wearing unique his and hers fashion styles clothes, every passerby cannot help but smile.

You are together, you are happy and you want everyone to know this. Wouldn’t want to shout it out from the rooftop? Choose the right styles from RB Designs and everybody will understand how special you are to each other.

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