The retro accessory that’s coming back in a big way


Suspenders are becoming more and more in evidence on the shoulders of women. Even the stout women are wearing them.

Suspenders are taking over 2017, and it’s important that you’re kept up to date on the latest styles and trends in suspenders fashion.

Admit it, suspenders are super cool and you wish you knew how to wear them

Suspenders can add flair to your wardrobe without making you look like you stepped out of a 1940s movie. Plus, there are surprising benefits for those who choose to wear suspenders instead of belts.

The surprising benefit is that suspenders help to maintain good posture which, Belts cause abdominal discomfort   which makes suspenders a better option than belts.


Wearers can create many different looks with suspenders, making them versatile.

The shirts that always work with suspenders are long sleeved button-up collared shirts, you can never go wrong with that selection.

The Bow tie and suspenders combo is a timeless look, the two accessories go hand in hand, and they look fantastic together.

If you want to bring up the formality without bringing up the heat of long sleeves, you can also absolutely rock suspenders with a short sleeve collared button up.

One type of short sleeved shirt to avoid wearing with suspenders are polo shirts. Wearing suspenders and a polo shirt just looks strange, so don’t do it.



Some skirts actually have suspender straps built right in to their design. These outfits tend to be very cute and youthful, with a flared outline and a playful tone

You can also combine suspenders with a pencil skirt, a blouse or collared dress shirt, and a blazer to have a corporate look.



Wearing suspenders casually is a popular trend in 2017, and one of the most common ways to wear suspenders nowadays. Young people all around the world are getting into it. The key to keeping it casual is to not overdo your outfit with excessive fashion accessories. Our guide has one simple answer for how to wear suspenders casually: jeans.

Wearing suspenders with a vest finds the middle ground between casual and formal. The good news is that you can rock this look for both formal and casual outing. It’s the perfect outfit for a night out, heading to class, or any type of formal event. This suspenders style guide recommends a pair of Classic suspenders to go along with your vest.Feel free to let loose and rock your favorite pair of suspenders.

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